Grassfed lamb and beef:

Our Grass-fed Katahdin and Jacob Lamb and Angus Beef cuts are from animals raised on our farm in Clarke County: locally grown and pasture-raised. Canoe Lake Farm now has a label, so we now sell our meat at Athens Locally Grown by the individual cut. The meat is locally USDA inspected and each cut is weighed, labeled, and shrink-wrapped so you get exactly what you want!



There's nothing more natural than grass, certainly not corn or manufactured grain products! The appropriate balance of omega fatty acids comes from eating green leafy plants (and nuts, berries, and seeds). Scientists have determined that if the ratio of omega-6 fatty acids to omega-3 fatty acids exceeds 5:1, people develop more health problems (heart disease, stroke, and cancer, for example). Grain-fed animals can have ratios above 15:1 but meat from grassfed lambs and cows typically is down around 1:1. It may seem hard to believe (given the years of education we all received to avoid red meat) but meat from grassfed animals is good for you and your heart, delivering the same omega-3 fats as wild salmon. And our grass-fed meat cuts are tastier than those from feedlot grainfed animals --- and our animals enjoy their lifestyle - acres and acres of pasture! Our meat is moderately marbled, but with the right fat: less saturated fat and more healthy omega-3 polyunsaturated fat. Tender and juicy!





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